Honeymoon: All-Inclusive Resorts

Like the ease of an all-inclusive wedding? Maybe an all-inclusive honeymoon is for you, too!After the work of planning your wedding, the only thing you want to do is relax. What better way to do it than jet set to a tropical island and stay at an all-inclusive resort?

All-inclusive resorts are a favorite among honeymooners. All inclusive means you pay one upfront price for your honeymoon stay. This usually includes your hotel accommodations, meals, beverages, water sports, some sightseeing, gratuities, taxes and airport transportation.

Forget lugging around your purse or wallet! No need to worry about finding great restaurants in the area either; most all-inclusive resorts have multiple restaurants on site. All you need to decide is what time you want to eat. Is there a swim-up bar in the pool? You won’t have to worry about soggy cash—drinks are included!

Every resort is different, but each has fun activities or amenities included. Some will have group sports like beach volleyball or water polo. These are great ways to meet new people and possibly get to know other honeymooners. Some resorts offer free photo sessions where you just purchase the photos you want to take home. No matter where you are, an all-inclusive resort will have everything you need to create a perfect, stress-free honeymoon

Do you have any recommendations for an all-inclusive resort?


Tips for a Flawless Honeymoon Getaway

Don’t spend all of your time planning your wedding and forget about planning your honeymoon! It’s okay to step away from  seating charts and fantasize about honeymoon ideas!

So, what kind of trip do you both want? A completely romantic and relaxing honeymoon vacation? Or an activity-rich trip? Discuss your honeymoon ideas early, start planning and make sure you’re both involved.

Take advantage of honeymoon packages that include your air, accommodations and rental car. Honeymoon packages can offer great savings and convenience. You will find that most honeymoon packages have exclusive benefits like champagne or spa treatments, too.

Pre-book tours, activities and shows to reserve the seats you want ahead of time. Check out travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity for some fantastic all-inclusive packages.

Be sure to use your maiden name when making honeymoon travel arrangements. While you are anxious to use your married name, leaving on your honeymoon  immediately after the reception means you won’t have time to change your legal documents, which can make traveling difficult.

You’ve spent so long worrying about everything– from flowers to cocktail napkins– so relax and forget about the absolute perfection you worked to achieve at the ceremony. If the plane is late or the weather poor, remember that this is your special time together. Patience and a great sense of humor will carry through into your marriage!


Unique Places to Register for Your Wedding

We love Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target, but can’t resist these alternative stores for your gift registry:

Amazon- For those seeking everything from books to electronics.

REI- For the outdoor enthusiast.

Hatchmyhouse.com- For those hoping to save for a down payment on a house, home improvements or furniture.

Italian Wine Merchants- For wine lovers!

Greenfeet- Trendy items made from recyclable or renewable materials for the eco-conscious.

Where are you registering for your wedding?