What Day Will You Choose?

What is the luckiest day of the week on which to get married?
A. Sunday
B. Wednesday
C. Thursday
D. Saturday

Wait for it…drum roll please…the answer is (B) Wednesday! Who would have thought?

Keep this in mind as you are shopping wedding venues and selecting dates. Saturdays have become the most popular day of the week to get married, but also the most expensive. Given that there only so many Saturdays in a year, the demand is high for these wedding dates, and in most cases, so is the price tag! If you are on a budget (which most of us are), then consider an alternative wedding date than the expected Saturday evening.

You might not be able to picture yourself getting married mid-week on a Wednesday, but what about a Friday? Quite honestly, Fridays are becoming increasingly more popular for wedding days. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to RSVP yes to a Friday wedding. What’s a better excuse to work a half-day than a wedding you have to attend? What’s even better is your guests will have the rest of the weekend to celebrate your wedding and/or wind down. Same goes for Sundays: you and your guests can have pre-wedding celebrations on Friday and Saturday nights in preparation for the big day on Sunday.

There are 365 (sometimes 366) days in a year to choose from when selecting your wedding date; don’t limit yourself to just 52. Although you might think Saturday is the most convenient day for your guests, never forget that your wedding day is just that: your day. Your friends and family who love you will jump through hoops to make sure they are able to attend your special day, no matter the day of the week it falls on.


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