No Children Allowed!

Can you believe we’re only 6 months from the 2012 wedding season? For us here at Wedgewood, that means it’s invitation time! As brides and grooms flood our doors to start the invitation process, one of the first questions they ask is how to tell their wedding guests “No Kids Allowed.” Let us share some tips that we’ve gathered over the years to help alleviate this little invitation headache.

• Think It Through: Whether you’re trying to bring down the guest count or fear crying babies at the ceremony, not everyone will understand your reasoning when it comes to their own little ones. Be prepared for some guests to opt out of the festivities; there may be hurt feelings if you bend the rules for your adorable flower girls while your friend’s children are forced to stay with babysitters.

• Mind your manners: If one were to ask an etiquette expert about printing “no children” on the invitation they would gasp at what they see as a tacky gesture. However let’s be honest, how many of us read Emily Post these days? Modern brides have adapted to the times and are making their own rules. One suggestion is to state on the RSVP card that it will be an “adult reception.” Another is to print the following on the RSVP card: “We have reserved __seats in your honor” and hand write in the number of adults. This is also a great trick when trying to avoid your guests bringing dates!

• A good old-fashioned phone call:  Before the invitations have even been sent, pick up the phone and call your friends and family with children. Inform them that invitations are on the way and that after much thought you and your fiancé have decided to host a “no children wedding.” It is a personal touch that will make them appreciate you reaching out and will hopefully open them up to understanding your decision.

Whether you print it on the invite, tell them on the phone, or have a change of heart and decide to let the kiddos hang around, remember it is your wedding. You are the one that ultimately decides who will be there to share your special day.


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