What Gifts to Bring to the Bridal Shower

Are you bringing the right gift to your next bridal shower?

by Carolyn Wilson
Wedgewood Regional Sales Director

Got a bridal shower coming up and stumped on what to bring for a gift? Here are some answers to common questions!

What sorts of gifts are most appropriate to give at a bridal shower? This depends on the type of shower being thrown, the type of “bride” it is being thrown for and the age of the bride.  If it is a young crowd or mainly girlfriends then anything goes (i.e. gifts from a bridal registry or the nearest lingerie boutique!)  Some brides will have a registry – which should cover a realm of gift options – including different price ranges in order to accommodate the different budget ranges of those who are gifting her.  If the shower guests are an array of ages, then sticking to what is on the registry is usually safe (meaning leave the lingerie to the bachelorette party!!!).

What gifts are inappropriate to give? The gift giver should keep in mind what type of bridal shower this may be. If the relationship with the bride was going out every Friday night to bars, but the bridal shower is an afternoon tea party, the gift should be in line with the tea party and NOT the bar scene. Some people who have not been to too many bridal showers or have not been married themselves might not know the etiquette in gift giving.  A gift is a gift and whatever it is, the bride should be thankful for.  If no gift is give, they should be thankful for the person attending their event.

Are there any fun, unique gifts people can give the bride or groom that someone might not generally consider? That all depends on the relationship you have with the bride or groom.  If you know that they would enjoy something specific that might not be on their registry, go ahead and give it.  Generally registries are to help build the couples new life together with kitchen appliances and bedroom accessories, things that they might not have had prior to getting engaged and will need as they begin to build their new home.  Registries generally will not include the couples extracurricular activity items like camping gear or musical instruments. But if you know that the couple needs something “off the beaten path” go ahead and get it for them.

Are there guidelines for how much you should spend on the gift, based on your relationship to the bride or groom? Absolutely not. If there are any expectations from the bride and groom that someone should spend a certain amount of money on their gift, then they are not good friends/relatives at all.  Remember that everyone has their own parameters on what they feel they can spend. Regardless of how much money they make or what relationship they have with the bride or groom.  This is also why the registry is available with numerous options in all different price ranges.  If there is a gift given that is handmade because there was no money to spend on a registry item, then so be it.  Again – it’s the thought that counts.  If no gift is given at all – the couple should be thankful for their presence during such a special time.

Do you have any plans for what you are going to get for the upcoming bridal shower you are going to???


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